About Us

We are a small friendly company based in Essex which has been operating on the internet from around 2005 although I have been making reeds professionally full-time since about 1998. 

 I started working at Thistle Bagpipe Works Loch Lomondside in 1982, where I worked in the shop and helped in the workshop repairing and servicing pipes. It was at Thistle that I also received tuition and began reed making.  

Recital on Highland pipes at Le Havre Conservatoire.

In 1998 I started working full time with a well known reed maker where I gained more experience in reed making and was encouraged to make my own practice chanter reed and smallpipe reed designs which have proved popular, and now can also add my own Highland pipe chanter and drone reed ideas to the range.

Reed making, tying the blades of the reed onto a staple.

Recently we have been working in collaboration with Hope Pipes developing and improving their range of Scottish smallpipes and Border pipes.


Forest of smallpipe and Highland pipe reeds

I started piping in 1982 and although highland pipes are my main instrument, I also play Scottish Smallpipes, Border pipes, Irish Flute and Tin Whistle. Over the years I have played in pipe bands, dance/ceilidh bands, performed as a solo piper at private functions and as a soloist gaining medals in solo piping competitions.